Adult Classes

Martial arts provides benefits for all age groups-- especially adults. Our program allows you to both regain and maintain a level of fitness that is both healthy and realistic. Our instructors respect each individual's level of fitness and work with you to develop a program that is right for your body and will allow you to maximize your potential.

Unlike going to the "gym" to work out, our programs work on more than just your muscles and heart. We also work to build your character and esteem. The camaraderie between students lets you know that you are a part of a team focused on the improvement of all participants.


Women's Self Defense

A woman being strong and confident today is more important than ever, and that confidence coming from a sense of awareness and safety is vital.  Our Women's Self Defense class has the benefit of over 100 years of combined martial arts expertise taught to daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives.  Contact us for information on our next Women's Self Defense course, and mention our Website Special for a FREE Trial Class!


Family Programs

Parents know that finding common ground with their children is important to establishing a strong and healthy relationship. Martial arts is one of the few sports you can do together as a family. By taking advantage of our family classes, you can work side-by-side with your kids to build each other up. It's good for the body, the mind, the soul, and the family!


Kwon Bup Kung Fu

Developed by our founder, Dr. Sang Kee Paik, and further refined by both Dr. Paik and his son Grandmaster Peter S. Paik, Sa Sang Kwon Bup is a unique soft style martial art featuring smooth, parrying blocks and movement with devastating self defense applications. This derivation of kung fu and other soft styles is an excellent way to build coordination, focus, and incredible self defense skills while doing a martial art unique to our school.  Contact us for more information!