Grandmaster Peter Paik

Grandmaster Peter Paik started training in Seoul, Korea in 1965 under the founder of Kangdukwon (one of the 9 original Kwans of Taekwondo).

He moved to Madison, WI(USA) in 1969 with family, and resumed training with his father, Grandmaster Sang Kee Paik in Chuan fa in 1971. He also trained with the 5 time Korean National Champion, Il Sik Kim, assistant instructor at Paik’s Martial arts school from 1973‐1974 and with Soo Kon Kim - Korean military forces champion - from 1975‐1976.

Master Peter Paik, using the skills and the techniques he learned through his father, made a name for himself as a competitor in the Taekwondo and the Karate circuits through the late 70s and the early 80s. He took advantage of his competitive experience to learned about Okinawan weapons, Chinese KungFu, and even American Kickboxing as he competed and trained with some of the best known martial artists of that time. John Longstreet, Ray McCallum, Dan Anderson, Keith Vitali, Steve Anderson, Freddie Letuli, Harold Burrage, Gerard Robbins, David Deaton, Mike Genova, Joe Corley, Jeff Smith, John Worley, Kareem Ali Jabbar, Greg Fears, Tony Blanchard, John Chung, George Chung, Ernie Reyes Sr, and Jr, Arlene Limas, Linda Denley, John Sharkey, Cynthia Rothrock, and Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee were all legendary in the American martial arts scene and helped in Master Paik's development as a martial artist thus helping to shape him as a competitor, a technician, and a champion.

In the late 80s, Master Paik moved to Florida to pursue a Movie connection he had made through his travels and settled in Orlando, FL. At the request of his father, he opened a Taekwondo school and actively supported many Taekwondo events all over Florida, Georgia, and Alabama and received his 6th degree blackbelt. With a little guidance from another Ki Whang Kim blackbelt, Grandmaster Jang Yeol Park, Master Paik found a niche in the Florida Taekwondo scene. He also befriended an established Taekwondo and Ju jitsu master Angel Gonzalez, who inspired him to improve his schools and reach new heights.

In 1996, his father, Grandmaster Sang Kee Paik was ailing in health and summoned his son back to Madison, WI in 1997. In 1998 he took over the operations full time. Since then, He has received his 8th degree blackbelt and in 2007, produced more than 50 National Champions and 4 World Champions in Karate and Taekwondo. People travel from long distances to train with Master Paik.

From 1973‐1983 he competed in 225+ tournaments, won 22 Grand Championships and 2 National Championships.

List of notable Tournaments

  • 1975‐77 Jhoon Rhee/Mid America Nationals.(Later became known as the “Diamond Nationals”)

  • Took 1st in lightweight sparring (1976 & 1977), 3rd in form (1975&1976)

  • 1976 Indianapolis Tournament of Champions‐ 1st Place

  • 1976 Chicago Open Taekwondo Championships‐1st place

  • Rated in the top 5 fighter in the Midwest by Traditional Taekwondo Magazine regional ratings.

  • 1977 Top Ten Midwest regional Karate/Taekwondo Championships, Peoria, IL‐Grand Champion.

  • 1977 Midwest Taekwondo Classic‐ St. Louis, MO‐Grand Champion

  • 1977 Illinois State AAU Taekwondo Championships‐ Gold medalist, Form and Middleweight Sparring

  • 1978 Diamond Nationals‐3rd place middleweight.

  • 1978 National AAU Taekwondo Championships‐Bronze medalist, Middleweight division

  • 1978‐American Karate Association Grand Nationals‐2nd place Lightweight

  • 1978‐Wisconsin Karate Championships‐1st place middleweight.

  • 1978‐1979 Midwest Tangsoodo Championships‐ Grand Champion

  • 1979‐Diamond Nationals‐2nd place Middleweight.

  • 1979‐Midwest karate Championships Dubuque, IA‐GrandChampion

  • 1979‐AAU National Referee Certification.

  • Rated as the #7 rated middleweight in the USA by Kick Illustrated and Inside Kung Fu magazines.

  • 1980‐Chicagoland Karate Open‐Grand Champion

  • 1981‐AKA Grand Nationals, Chicago, IL‐1st place, Lightheavyweight.

  • 1981‐L.A.M.A. National Karate Championships‐Northlake, IL‐3rd place Lightheavyweight

  • 1981‐Battle of Atlanta‐4th place Lightheavyweight.

  • 1981‐Milwaukee Warhawks Karate team member, Wisconsin Dynamos Taekwondo Team Captain.

  • Rated in the National Top 25 and Top 5 in the Midwest ratings By Karate Illustrated.

  • 1982‐Budweiser Classic, Chicago IL‐Grand Champion

  • 1982‐North Star Classic, Wausau, WI‐Grand Champion

  • 1982‐Battle of Atlanta‐3rd place

  • 1983‐won numerous championships in the Midwest then retired.

  • 1988‐1992 Refereed in the USTU, received WTF International Referee certificate (#930) in 1989.

  • 1988‐1991 Featured in Karate Warrior 2, Miami Vice(2 episodes), Adventures of Superboy and an

  • American Airlines training film. Worked as an actor, a stuntman and spokesperson.

  • 1990‐Provided the Color commentary on TV for the National Taekwondo Championships.

  • 1990‐1994 MC of the Florida State Taekwondo Championships.

  • From 1988‐2010, Produced over 50 National Champions in the USTU, the AAU Taekwondo, and the USA

Karate federations.

  • 2005‐Pennsylvania Tangsoodo Championships‐Grand Champion Sparring, 1st place form.

  • 2008‐AAU National Taekwondo Championships, 1st place form, 1st place heavyweight sparring, 3rd place team form.

  • 2010‐AAU National Taekwondo Championships, 1st place form, 1st place heavyweight sparring.

  • 2011‐Appointed coach of the USA Karate federation National team which attended the Pan Am championships in Brazil.

  • 2014-Coached two of his students to Silver and Bronze at the WUKF World Championships in Novisad, Serbia

  • 2016-Coached four of his students to Bronze at the WUKF World Championships in Dublin, Ireland