Paik's After School Martial Arts

Interested in quality After-School programming for your child that includes comprehensive martial arts training, homework time, and active and creative play that stimulates both the body and mind? If so, then we are the program for you.

We offer after-school pick-up from several west-side Madison and Middleton elementary schools every day of the week, and we are now offering After School Service for our new EAST SIDE location as well. Once all of the children have arrived and had a healthy snack, we start our program with a 45 minute Taekwondo class taught by a black belt instructor trained to work with children and teach the art, science, and history of the martial arts. The classes are energetic, fun, informative, and meet the standards necessary for your child to move through the belt levels necessary to progress toward higher ranks, eventually to black belt if that is the path you choose. We make a 100% guarantee that your child will not be bored!

After class, each child will be provided opportunities to work on homework, engage in active games, do crafts, or continue to practice Taekwondo if he/she so chooses. There will be plenty of fun activities and occasional field trips worked in with the Taekwondo activities. Call or e-mail to see if your child’s school is on our current list of pickups, and to find out our availability.  Hit the link for a pre-registration form.



Kid's Classes

Modern teaching methods mixed with Traditional Martial Arts create an award winning program that has produced over a hundred national champions, and thousands of great lifelong martial artists.  Check out our Evening Classes, After School Programs and Camps for kids here!


Adult Classes

With many different martial arts styles offered, from the precise and deeply rooted Shotokan Karate, to agile and athletic Taekwondo, with offerings of Hapkido, Tai Chi, and Kendo, our Adult Programs have many outstanding and varied options.  Call for a free trial class or get more information here!



Paik’s Martial Arts is proud of its heritage and pedigree.  Started in 1971 by Dr. Sang Kee Paik, Paik’s Traditional Martial Arts Center has gone through some changes but our goal remains the same as Dr. Paik’s over 40 years ago: to help guide every student down their own path in the martial arts.  See more about our origins here.