Master Masaki
Master MasakiOwner
Master Masaki began martial arts in 1986. As a child, he suffered asthma and bullying so his parents hoped that martial arts would improve his health and self esteem. He improved and became a black belt in 1994, instructing soon after. He discovered a love for helping others develop the skills, confidence, and discipline he had gained. He studied different martial arts during college, then discovered Grandmaster Paik and Paik’s Martial Arts in 2002. He became Assistant Director in 2010, a 4th Degree in 2016, and owner and head of the school in 2019.
Master Bostetter
Master BostetterDirector - East Side
Master Bostetter has been doing martial arts since 1996, and started at Paik’s Martial Arts when he brought his daughter to start classes. Eight years later Master Bostetter is the Kyosanim of the East Side school. His wife and daughter are now black belts, and eventually his new son will be one as well. Master Bostetter enjoys powerful kicks and self defense, and in his spare time he can be found doing mostly nerdy things when not working and instructing.
Master Dodge
Master DodgeDirector - Fitchburg
Master Carley Dodge has been a Paik’s Black Belt for nearly 20 years! As Head Coach of our Competition Team, she enjoys the sport martial arts circuit, domestically and internationally. Her favorite subject to teach is Sparring! In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband, Jeremy and dog, Leo. When not in uniform you’ll find her out and about at local Madison restaurants or outside enjoying the sunshine!
Mr. Fallon
Mr. FallonDirector - West Side
Mr. Fallon has been a member of Paik’s Martial Arts for over a decade strong. He has a passion for teaching and enjoys creating a fun and respectful environment to learn and grow in. He also spearheads our summer camp program that has Taekwondo classes and field trips! Mr. Fallon was a 2 time member of the USA National Karate team that competed in Brasil (2011) and Serbia (2012). In his downtime he enjoys playing sports with friends and biking around Madison.